A Puppet Show

My three and a half year old asked to make a puppet show. We started off where we always start, by raiding our recycling tub. One thing we are never short of are nappy boxes. We’ve made loads of stuff from them in the past; racing tracks, robot helmets, cars, train tunnels, a barn for farm animals.

So we had our box and this is what we did with it.

Materials we needed for 1 puppet show and 3 puppets

Cardboard box min. 20x20x30cm
White emulsion matt paint
Stanley knife (optional)
Glue stick
Sticky tape
A4 coloured felt x3
mismatched Buttons x6 (optional)
lolly sticks x3
cotton thread in 3 colours (optional)
Sewing needle (optional)

1. Cut off 2 short and 1 long flap from top of box, keep these to one side. Stick the the remaining flap down with sticky tape.

2. After children’s bedtime – paint with white decorating emulsion in a well ventilated room. Leave to dry.


3. Child can then decorate it by painting, colouring or sticking shapes cut from coloured paper, stickers or what ever they like.


4. Draw three simple shapes on the saved flaps. We chose cat, owl and pig. Cut these out.


5. Take a lolly stick and stick the top third to back of shape. Stick these to the felt.

6. Make sure to leave half a centimetre seam allowance, cut the felt all the way round.

7. You will now have the lolly stick and cardboard shape stuck to the felt. Place this onto a new section of felt. Cut around using the first piece of felt as a guide.

8. Take the second piece of felt and securely sew two buttons for eyes. If very young children in the house and want to avoid buttons, the eyes can be drawn on.


9. Place the second piece of felt on to hide the cardboard shape. Double thread the needle and sew the edge of the two pieces of felt together. Alternatively can use glue.


10. Repeat 5,6,7,8,9 for the remaining two characters.


With some extra paper we drew different scenes for the backdrop.

Curtain up!

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