Now My Heart Has Seen

How can I not love you
Now I know the vastness of his love for you

How can I shut you out
When his door is always open

How can I not forgive you
When I have been forgiven for so much

How could anything you do or say hurt me
When all my past, present and future wounds have been healed

How can I judge you for anything you say, do or choose
When he gave us all the loving gift of free will

How can I notice your mistakes
When he lovingly exposed the enormity of my darkness

How can I see you as different
When he has shown me he loves us all the same

How can I beat myself up with my many mistakes
When his mercy has overpowered me

How can I let grief consume me
When he has filled every last crack in my heart

How is it possible to hold back his love
When it is too powerful for my heart to contain

How can I give up
When I know his plans for me

How can I not share his joy
When it blazes so powerfully in my heart

Why should I fight
When he shows me I need only to be still

Why should I fear
When I have been drenched with grace

What more could I possibly need or want from this life
When his blessings are continuously poured over me

Day after day, night after night

Who can create love by instruction? It can’t be read, taught or bought. It’s a gift to us all

A gift from the source

He shows me love so vast, gently thundering all around me.
A love like no other blazing softly through me

Igniting my heart


So how can I keep silent about him
When he makes me want to burst into song

How can I be prisoner to my old attitude
When he is the guard to my new heart

How can I hold back the tears of gratitude
When he is the one who died for me

How can I not lift my head in praise
When he is the one who defeated death

to give me life.

The light that can never be put out

Inviting us all to him.


My Lord, my Wonderful Counsellor, my friend, my Saviour, the one who never gave up on me, who loved me no matter how far I ran, giving me ears to hear him, opening my eyes to see him, the life giver, restorer, healer, the heart changer, the truth that exposes every lie, freeing me when I didn’t even know I was bound, my comfort, my strength, my safety, my forever home, my Prince of Peace, my hope, my unfailing, perfect and loving, Everlasting Father, our Mighty God.

So how can I not love you
Now my heart has witnessed how much Jesus loves you.

Happy Birthday Garland

Craft knife

Cutting mat

Metal ruler

Card (variety colours)

Tracing paper


Sticky pads 

Using the guidelines on cutting mat, draw the letters onto tracing paper. 

Use these templates to cut the letters out of card. 


Attach string to the reverse side with sticky pads, spacing the letters out evenly.


Simple and sweet garland for birthday celebrations