Make a Windmill

A few mornings ago my daughter came rushing upstairs with two icecream sticks and a piece of paper saying that she wanted to make a windmill. 

We sat together coming up with ideas and different designs and this is the result. Really simple and quick to make. It has now become the centre point to build further constructions around with building brick toys and has been named “The Windy Willow Windmill” 

You will need –

  • 1 small paper fastener (width – 2mm)
  • 100 craft lolly sticks (11cm x 1cm)
  • 2 icecream sticks (length – 9.5cm)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Drill (with 3mm wood bit)

1. Start with 4 lolly sticks and build a square base using the glue gun to secure the corners

2. Build up to 11cm high, occasionally glueing a row upright instead of flat. Leave to set.

3. Take 10 lolly sticks and glue them side by side as shown above. Make 4 sets of these panels.

4. Once glue is set, take 2 panels and glue onto the tower to form two sides of the triangular roof. 

5. With the remaining two panels, use the glued roof sides as a guide and mark where to cut to make the panels for the front and back of the roof. 

6. Cut x2 triangles with scissors and glue one panel to the back side of the roof. 

7. Take the two icecream sticks and position them as windmill blades, mark the centre point and drill through. Glue together making sure to avoid the drilled hole.

8. Cut two 2cm pieces of lolly stick and take the remaining roof side and glue them in place; central and halfway down  (as shown above). 

9. Take the blades and attach between the 2cm pieces with the paper fastener leaving it loose enough to spin. Secure the fastener at the back with the glue gun.

10. Glue the front of the roof in place. 

Homemade Sparkly Scented Play Dough

We get through so much play dough that I thought I’d be worth having a go making it ourselves. I’ve tried a couple of times before but always ended up with that stodgy floury nursery school smelling stuff. This time I experiented with some different ingredients and invested in some good essential oils. The children enjoyed having different fragrances to sniff, they love smelling the tester perfumes in shops so it was great to have an activity like this at home. 

To make four colours –

You will need 

2 cups plain flour

2 tablespoons grapeseed oil

1/2 cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

1 – 1.5 cups of warm previously boiled water

Food colouring 

3-4 drops of glycerine

Essential oils

Vanilla essence


Wooden spoons

Plastic containers to store play dough 


I used cinnamon leaf, pine needle and mandarin essential oils and vanilla essence. Make sure to research the oils which are safe for you and children, also in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil.

I have used grapeseed oil with all my children in baby massage so I knew their skin wouldn’t react to it. A good tip my baby massage instructor showed me, if using for the first time, is to dab a little on the wrist and wait ten minutes to see if there is a reaction or not.

I divided the ingredients into four so the children could make a tub with a different colour and scent each. But you can always make one batch and then divide the dough to  colour and fragrance.

1. Into four bowls add flour, salt and cream of tartar. 

2. In a separate jug add 2-3 drops of essential oil (or 1tsp vanilla essence) to a teaspoon of grape seed oil and glycerine.

3. Add a 1/4 cup of warm water to the mixture and add the food colouring. 

4. Take one of the bowls of the flour mixture and slowly combine the wet mixture with the dry, adding more plain water if needed, until you get a bread dough like consistency that can be kneaded.

5. Adding different colours and scents repeat stages 2,3,4 for the remaining three bowls of flour mix  

I used yellow with vanilla, green with pine needle, orange with mandarin and red with cinnamon.

6. Place the dough on a smooth surface and add a sprinkle of glitter (too much will cause the dough to crack). 

7. Knead the dough well and it’s ready for play. 

8. Work into a soft ball and store in airtight containers when finished with

If you feel the dough needs refreshing at any point rub a few drops of grapeseed oil into hands and work though the dough, it moistens the dough and your hands!

Happy Birthday Garland

Craft knife

Cutting mat

Metal ruler

Card (variety colours)

Tracing paper


Sticky pads 

Using the guidelines on cutting mat, draw the letters onto tracing paper. 

Use these templates to cut the letters out of card. 


Attach string to the reverse side with sticky pads, spacing the letters out evenly.


Simple and sweet garland for birthday celebrations 


Children’s Homemade Notecards


a4 Coloured card

a4 paper

Coloured felt



Pipe cleaners

Pva glue + brush
Fold A4 paper in half and draw basic outline of chosen animals. 

Cut around the outline and place one layer to the side. 

With the remaining later cut out the features. 

Use templates to cut felt and coloured card. 


Hand over to children to stick all the pieces together. I did this with my four year old.   


They look great hanging up …


…and make excellent thank you cards.


A Puppet Show

My three and a half year old asked to make a puppet show. We started off where we always start, by raiding our recycling tub. One thing we are never short of are nappy boxes. We’ve made loads of stuff from them in the past; racing tracks, robot helmets, cars, train tunnels, a barn for farm animals.

So we had our box and this is what we did with it.

Materials we needed for 1 puppet show and 3 puppets

Cardboard box min. 20x20x30cm
White emulsion matt paint
Stanley knife (optional)
Glue stick
Sticky tape
A4 coloured felt x3
mismatched Buttons x6 (optional)
lolly sticks x3
cotton thread in 3 colours (optional)
Sewing needle (optional)

1. Cut off 2 short and 1 long flap from top of box, keep these to one side. Stick the the remaining flap down with sticky tape.

2. After children’s bedtime – paint with white decorating emulsion in a well ventilated room. Leave to dry.


3. Child can then decorate it by painting, colouring or sticking shapes cut from coloured paper, stickers or what ever they like.


4. Draw three simple shapes on the saved flaps. We chose cat, owl and pig. Cut these out.


5. Take a lolly stick and stick the top third to back of shape. Stick these to the felt.

6. Make sure to leave half a centimetre seam allowance, cut the felt all the way round.

7. You will now have the lolly stick and cardboard shape stuck to the felt. Place this onto a new section of felt. Cut around using the first piece of felt as a guide.

8. Take the second piece of felt and securely sew two buttons for eyes. If very young children in the house and want to avoid buttons, the eyes can be drawn on.


9. Place the second piece of felt on to hide the cardboard shape. Double thread the needle and sew the edge of the two pieces of felt together. Alternatively can use glue.


10. Repeat 5,6,7,8,9 for the remaining two characters.


With some extra paper we drew different scenes for the backdrop.

Curtain up!