Star Candlestick Holders

I love love love The Great Pottery Throw Down, I could watch Keith make pots all day and felt inspired to create something different at our weekly toddler pottery group. I don’t think they’d get Keith emotional but they are fun and simple to make.

1. Cut clay stars 

2. Score and stick with slip to stack 

3. Make indent to hold candle 

4. Get it fired 

(5. optional – paint/decorate) 

6. Get it glazed & fired 

Making them different heights and using different star sizes, they look lovely dotted around the house or gathered together at the centre of a dining table. 

Paper Decorations

 Materials –

A4 paper (various colours), scissors, cellotape


1. Corrugate A4 paper


2. Pinch centre and tape 

Repeat 1 & 2 four times


3. Fan and tape pieces together 


Experiment with different colours, textures, shapes and sizes


Homemade Christmas decorations

My daughter loves hearts at the moment and bought some felt heart shaped decorations that she spotted when we were out. I thought we could have a go at making some so here is what we did.

Materials –

Fabric scissors
Paper scissors
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread

We also used a leather hole punch to make holes because my daughter has shown an interest when watching me sew and I thought it might make it easy for her to have a go.


We cut out a heart shape from some card and used this as a template for cutting x2 felt shapes. Then cut some wadding and trimmed 1cm off. We stitched the ribbon in a loop on the inside.


My daughter found it a bit tricky to get the hang of putting the needle in both holes together so it was a team effort, I put the needle through and she pulled the thread through.



We did a simple blanket stitch and finished just as tiny one woke up from her nap…


Looks great on the tree so I have started making one with some embroidered wording for tiny one’s First Christmas