‘Stained Glass’ Cards

A4 card (250gsm)

Craft knife

Metal ruler


Glue gun and glue


Tracing paper

Permanent marker pens

Cut card in half

Centre score each piece

Fold to make x2 A6 cards

Open card face up

Mark rectangle – 2cm in from border

Cut tracing paper and trace/freehand

Cut out acetate 13.5x9cm

Tape acetate over the tracing

Colour with markers then outline in black

Open card and secure with glue gun

Happy Birthday Garland

Craft knife

Cutting mat

Metal ruler

Card (variety colours)

Tracing paper


Sticky pads 

Using the guidelines on cutting mat, draw the letters onto tracing paper. 

Use these templates to cut the letters out of card. 


Attach string to the reverse side with sticky pads, spacing the letters out evenly.


Simple and sweet garland for birthday celebrations 


Handmade Advent Calendar

The weeks leading up to Christmas seem to get faster and faster but this year instead of adding our usual advent calendars to the end of our online grocery shop, I wanted to make something a little more special for our daughters, something they could keep for years to come. 

Materials –

1/2 m hessian fabric




Sewing machine

Pole (I used part of a clothes hanger)

Dressmaking pins

Pattern paper (I used baking paper) 


Felt fabric advent numbers

Felt fabric (christmas colours)


Bias binding (5m)


Fabric glue

I started off by doing a quick sketch of design I wanted 


Once happy with the design, I drew it out onto pattern paper (I used baking paper)


Cut out all the pieces – one large back piece and 6 strips for the pockets 


Sew bias binding on the two longest sides of the pocket strips


Add decorative ribbon to the top sides


It is possible to buy felt advent calendar numbers but I made my own, – Use a paper template and cut numbers out of white felt fabric


Glue down the numbers and once dry machine stitch. 

Make small marks for the vertical stitched lines that divide the pockets


Pin in place and stitch on the reverse along the bottom of the pocket pieces. 

Test that the pockets are the right way around before sewing.


It should look like this when finished and ready to turn up and reveal the numbers. Pin in place.

Pin and stitch binding around edge


Tie bows and stitch in place. Alternatively, festive felt shapes can be used.

Stitch vertical lines for the pocket dividers


Fold over and stitch top section leaving enough room for pole to be inserted. 


Tie string and advent calendar is ready to hang and fill with goodies 



Make a basket for Easter

  • Corrugated card 
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Tissue paper
  • Stapler
  • Ruler



Cut corrugated card 30x30cm square 


Fold 30x30cm paper in half , repeat until you have 16 squares. Mark the inside corner of the corner squares. 

Place on top of the corrugated card and use a pencil to puncture through to mark the corrugated layer.


Draw a straight line from the corners to the punctured points. Cut along these lines.


Fold the sides up and staple to form basket.

To make handle cut 35x4cm strip and staple into place.



Tie some ribbon around the edge, hold in place with a staple under the bow and fill with strips of tissue paper.